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Crackbound PU

Crackbound PU

General :-

CRACK-BOUND is multipurpose, highly flexible, thixotropic, heavy duty sealant. Crack Bound is paintable and has high adhesion with concrete / masonry , cement sheets, tiles, metal etc. surfaces.

Technical Data :-
STEELBOUND CRYSTALLINE provides Outstanding Waterproofing and damp proofing

Appearance : Paste / White in colour
pH : 8-9
Tensile Strength : 280 kg/
Elongation : 365 %
Stain Resistance : Excellent
Drying Time (Initial) : Less than 2 Hour
(Complete) : 24-28 hours depends upon ambient temp. and substrate

Fields of Applications :
Crack-Bound is used :

· Sealing Expansion & Constructions joints
· Sealing joints of Tiles, Marble, Granite etc.,
· Crack Bound has excellent adhesion, with glass, metal, glazed surface, to seal joints of plumbing etc.
· For sealing gaps between metal surface, window and door frame
· For Sealing gaps between cement sheet
· For sealing joints of gutters, thresholds, downspouts etc.
· For filling external cracks
· Sealing joints in concrete roads
· Crack Bound is used as a sealer for filling the gaps in concrete floors and wood surfaces

Properties :

· High Water Resistance · Can withstand high temperatures (129ºC)
· Imparts high scrub resistance · High dirt Pick-up resistance
· Excellent water and alcohol resistance · Eco-friendly.

· Easy to use

· U.V. resistance
· Excellent adhesion properties to various substrates · Highly Flexible
· Quick Drying. non-sagging no odor · For internal as well as External

Instruction For Use :-
Clean the base thoroughly by wire brush and remove the loose material, dust, grease, oil or other foreign particles. Cracks must be opened by means of cutter / manually. Clean the surface then by water to remove all dust and saturate the base by water and dampen the surface, remove the excess water,, then apply Crack Bound dirty tot he sound grove substrate by help of "patra patti" as recommended by our technical staff

Curing :-
Crack Bound surface do not require water curing only natural air curing is required.

Packaging :-
1 kg and 20 Kg containers

Shelf Life and Storage :
To be stored in original packed containers, protected from dirt sunlight and frost. Crack Bound is non toxic and non flammable. Shelf 1 year when stored under proper conditions

Environmental And Safety Precautions :-
Crack Bound contains resins and polymers Avoid breathing vapors or mist. Avoid direct contact with eyes or skin, in case of eye contact splash water and immediately contact nearest physician.

Coverage :-
25Running feet/kg for3/ 8 inch bead

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