Waterproofing, Injection Grouting Machine, Floor Coating, Anti Deterioration Coating, Epoxy Polyurethane Membrane Coating, Mumbai, India  
We Take This Opportunity To Introduce Our Company, Which Is Offering Contractual Work For Variety Of Jobs With Specialized Expertise In Waterproofing, Negative Side. Under Ground Basement, Water Tank & Tunnel. Swimming Pool ,Dams Steelbound Crystallization Catalytic Reaction Powder, Which Generates A Non- Soliuble Depth Crystalline Formation Like Dendritic Fibers Within The Pores And Capillary Tracts Of Concrete. Thus The Concrete Becomes Permanently Sealed Against The Penetration Of Water Or Liquid From Any Direction Of R.C.C And Its Increase Compresive Strength Of Structur., Epoxy, Poly Urethane Coating, Floor Coating Anti Deterioration Coating For Antique Archiological Stones Structural Statues Idol And Temple Treatment, Lemination Of Extrior Building Wall Manufacture Of Various Chemicals. We Are Proud On Our Teem That We Are Desinere New Reserch Automatic Injection Grouting Machine For Epoxy, Polyurethene Foam, And Cement

Charchit Chemical Through, Which We Are Popularly Known, We Have Many Assignments To Our Credits. It’s Needless To Submit. Our Team Is Young And Specialized In Structural Waterproofing. The Company Was Established On 1st August 1985 Silk Coat, And Water Bound Trade Mark Registered.

The Company Is Established, With The Sole Aim To Serve The Building Industry Of India. Where Most Of The Building Owners Suffer From Problems Related To The Seepages Of Water Through Roofs, Basements, Tank, Main Hall, Swimming Pool, Dams Due To High Intensity Or Rain Prevailing In The Area And Also Due To General
Deterioration In Construction Practices.

Our Group Of Construction Chemical Manufacturing Companies Has Concentrated In The Manufacturing Process Of Various Construction Chemicals And Due To Their Involvement In Various Projects Found It Difficult To Serve The Construction Industries. By Undertaking Water Proofing Work, Hence Our Organisation Is Very Professional Have Technical Expertise And Various Type Of Equipment To Under Take Difficult Waterproofing And Floor Coating Jobs.

We Undertake All Kind Of Waterproofing System From Negative Side, Old And New Constructions... By New Technology We Do Waterproofing By Polymer, Latex Epoxy Polyurethane Membrane Coating Etc. These Systems Need Protection So This Can Be Covered With Seeding Systems With Ether Polymers Of Epoxy Depending Upon The Surface To Be Treated.

Hope The Above Write Up Will Give A Fair Idea, What We At Charchit Chemical Can Offer Service And That Too In Time Schedule.

Now We Request You To Register Our Name In Your Vender List And If You Have Any Specific Area Of Interest Or Wants To Know More About The Products Or Have Any Specific Enquiry In Your Upcoming Projects, Please Feel Free To Write To Us Or Call Us
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Basement | Swimming pool | Tunnel | UG/OH Tank | Podium | Dams | Ship yard pit | River pit | Water Proofing Contractor | Grouting cement/pu/epoxy | Industrial laser screed concrete flooring
| Basement Swimming Pool, Dams Water Proofing | RHINO-Coat | Steelbound Crystallization | Flexi-Bound |
| Repairbound | Crackbound
PU | Super Plasticizer
| Pressure Injection Grouting Treetment
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